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dovoto On August - 24 - 2013

The only thing of note in the above that may not be clear from the code and cross referencing the libnds documentation is the macro ARGB16(). This takes an alpha value (1 for visible, 0 for transparent) and 5 bits of red green and blue to form the 16 bit color.

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  1. alvarito says:

    What program can I use?

    • dovoto says: has the development kit and all the libraries to make these demos work. Good luck! (also, #dsdev on blitzed has some people that like to hang around and chat about development on irc)

      • ALVARITO says:

        Thanks you! I didn’t find the devkitPro’s Compiler so i used a nf_lib’s template compiler. Next i putted MinGW, devkitArm and ndslib .h and lib’s archives inside their correct place, and the compile works very well but, can i use it to replace devkitPro┬┤s copiler?

  2. ALVARITO says:

    If you download night fox lib and then try the template’s compiler, you’ll know how do it works, but mine is edited because i putted MinGW, devkitARM and libnds includes and libs in thei correct places.


  3. ALVARITO says:

    Please, if you’ve just readed it, please tell me if it’s ok to compile c’s programs (but you need to put inside the nflib’s binder the MinGW, devkitARM/arm-none-eabi and libnds’s includes and libs inside their respective binder). Sorry, i before wrote carpet, but i wanted to say binder.

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