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  1. henke37 says:

    Please make something that shows how to record and later replay input. Like [url=]this[/url].

  2. henke37 says:

    More hblank fun with the scroll registers! Both modulation and breaking the grid.

  3. dovoto says:

    How do i monitor battery level?

  4. dovoto says:

    How do I handle transparency in objects on the DS?

  5. dovoto says:

    How do embed a scripting language in an NDS game?

  6. Dendriel says:

    Does devkitARM supports muiltthreading?

    • dovoto says:

      Well, devkitARM is mostly the compiler and linker toolchain with basic c and c++ libs provided. It also, in the context of the Nintendo DS, includes libnds and initialization code. As such, there is no built in thread support provided outside of the context of interrupt requests and code execution on both arm cores simultaneously. Due to resource constraints on platforms currently targeted by devkitARM (mainly handheld consoles with low power arm chips) threading is often not worth the overhead incurred.

      In order to have true multithreading you require some OS like services and there are a few options (fios and linux come to mind).

  7. Asthroth says:

    Hi all

    how can we manage the alpha blending between 2 background?

  8. Serge says:


    sorry i don’t speak very well English. I have big BMP 16bits image (more than 256×192 pixel). I want to display only a part of this image on the NDS screen. How i can do it quickly (maybe with DMA) ?

    Best Regards !

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